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Clean Water Is The First Step

Clean water is the first step.
July 29, 2013

I T    I S    T I M E    T O    S T A R T    L I V I N G

If we could make clean water more accessible 200 million people could start living.  Clean water is the first step.


200 million people (mainly women and children) gather water every day for their families.  100 million children worldwide miss out on an education because their time is spent carrying water for their families.

Women and girls are traditionally responsible for water collection, walking miles to the nearest sources. In addition to chronic back pain and skin sores, the burden of hauling heavy containers of water leaves women with little or no time to manage their households or participate in income-generating work. Young girls help their mothers collect water, so are unable to attend school, perpetuating a cycle of illiteracy and poverty.


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