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googleLiz Arline, winner of the date with Jef, spent the day with us at the People Water office. Here is a little teaser.

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Mike Smith

Mike Smith is the type of guy who is going to change the world. Mike is a motivational speaker who speaks to the youth across the country always asking a simple question: “What is your legacy?” Mike also started Skate for Change, a non-profit that empowers skateboarders to give back to the homeless in their communities, and The Bay, a non-profit skatepark and youth center located in the midwest. Mike’s words are just as inspiring as his personality. We couldn’t be more stoked to have Mike apart of the People Water team.

Age: 31
Home Town: Lincoln, NE
Activities: Skating at my indoor park, kickin’ it with my wife and my dog Burton, taking world-record-sized selfies.


Quote from Mike:

“We all have a responsibility to leave this world a better place. My life quest is to speak for the silent, and stand for the broken. Giving clean water to those in need is now apart of my quest to leave a legacy worth remembering.”


Mike Smith Skate for ChangeMikeSmith_4

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