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googleLiz Arline, winner of the date with Jef, spent the day with us at the People Water office. Here is a little teaser.

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In the bottle

Purified in nature - not in a lab
The cap The back The front
The anatomy of the bottle

1. The Screw Cap

One of the many ingeniously simple things we take for granted every day, the screw cap was invented by John Kilner in 1840 to seal his glass food storage jars.

2. The Thumb Print

The thumbprint represents Humanity. It distinguishes each person as an individual, and at the same time shows how similar we all really are. No matter age, ethnicity, or social standing, we are all part of the human race.


At People Water it doesn't matter to us whether we are building a new well or fixing a broken one. The only thing that matters is that PEOPLE are getting clean water and with that clean water a chance to live a better life. That's why we do what we do, and that's why we drink what we drink: People Water. Read more about it →

4. Karma

"What goes around, comes around." We are firm believers in Karma, the best form of recycling. As we strive to do our best we give others the opportunity to do so as well, simply by changing the brand of water they buy. It's that simple.

5. The QR Code

Scan this with your phone and see in real time the project you're funding by purchasing this bottle. See what you're funding →

6. Eco-friendly

At People Water we strive to use environmentally conscious products. From our eco-friendly bottle to our fully recyclable packaging, we are determined to only use materials that will leave the smallest carbon footprint.

7. People

Why did we choose People as a name? Because that's what we are about. PEOPLE. Our goal is to inspire, motivate, and most importantly, help people.

8. 100% Natural Spring Water

We believe in using water that has been purified in nature, not in a lab. (The same way Mother Nature has been doing it for millions of years.) And we only use the highest quality spring water, with a pH balance of 7.2 or higher.

9. BPA Free

What's that? Many plastic bottles produce a leaching effect, which means that the water you drink often contains traces of plastic. People Water's bottles DO NOT leach. That means the 100% natural, spring-fed water you taste is as pure as the moment it was bottled!

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